Dick Sidner, PhD, Level III, USMS Certified Coach

Dick Sidner, PhD, Level 4, USMS Certified Coach


Dick Sidner, PhD is a certified Level 4 US Masters Swimming (USMS) Swim Coach with certification in “Adult Learn-to-Swim.” Dick has been swimming competitively in pools and open water his entire life and is a veteran of more than 100 open water swims and triathlons.  A former collegiate swimmer (Miami University) and high school coach and lifeguard, he made the transition to US masters swimming (USMS) in 1989. Dick has been coaching masters for 30 years and was Event director for five USMS National Championship Open Water swims; the 2008 Inaugural 25K, the 2010 10K, the 2011 25K, the 2012 5K and the 2015 15K.  Dick was Event Director for the first USMS-sponsored Open Water Clinic in 2011 and then again in 2012.

‘As a triathlete or masters swimmer, you are already in great shape, but if you want to swim faster, improving your technique is the first and most important step. Give me three sessions in the pool and open water and you will swim faster.’ Dick Sidner Please contact me for personalized coaching in open water and pool technique. “DSidner@gmail.com”



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