Dick Sidner, USMS Long Distance Swimmer & Coach

“Triathletes & Masters swimmers – Give me three sessions in the pool and open water and you will swim faster!”

Dick Sidner

Please contact me for personalized coaching in open water and pool techniques.

SwimOpenWater.net is the coaching website of Dick Sidner, a US Masters Swimming (USMS) Level 4 Coach,  a former USA Swimming Level 3 certified Coach.   Dick is Red Cross certified in CPR, First Aid and Safety Training for Swim Coaches and is a long standing member of the USMS Long Distance Committee (14 years). He was also a member of the USMS Open Water Clinic Task Force and in June 2011 hosted the first USMS Open Water Clinic.  The OW Clinic was repeated in 2012-2015.  As an open water Event Director, Dick has hosted five USMS National Championships from 2008 to 2015.  Dick received the 2008 USMS Donnelly Service Award and served as a panelist and presenter at the first “Protecting Athletes: USMS Open Water Safety Conference.” Dick’s masters swim team, known as the NASTI’s (Noblesville Adult Swim Team, inc.) was awarded the 2009 USMS Club of the Year.

Dick specializes in developing improved stroke and open water techniques in both experienced and novice triathletes and masters swimmers.  This site features swim videos of open water champions and students alike and offers the opportunity to review your own videos, ask questions and discuss stroke and open water techniques.

As a triathlete or masters swimmer, you are probably already in great shape, but if you want to swim faster, improving your technique is the first and most important step.

Please check back frequently for open water swimming tips, swim drills and workouts, stroke techniques, videos and swimmer comments.